Voltage Regulators Application Background

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Application Reason of Step Voltage Regulators: 

The voltage on modern distribution circuits is becoming increasing difficult to manage. New distributed energy resources, such as solar, combined with the growth of sophisticated loads creates voltage challenges on distribution network systems. Existing voltage control devices cannot maintain a consistent voltage profile, especially when trying to manage the intermittency of these resources and loads. These new loads and intermittent resources tend to drive the voltage regulation beyond its designed capability, and reduce the typical voltage regulator life expectancy and increase the ongoing maintenance cost for reliable operation.


Basic Specification:

1、Operating Voltage: 6kV~35KV;

2、Top oil temperature rise ≤55k,Winding temperature rise ≤65K;

3、Working environment: -40℃ ~ +40℃;

4、Voltage regulation range:-10~+10%,-15~+15%,;

5、IP Level: IP20;

6、Response time:<60S;

7、Operation mode of control unit: Manual/Automatic

8、Connection: Open Delta,Closed Delta,Star。

9、Accuracy of voltage regulation: ±16x0.625%


Applications Range:

Rockwill’s voltage regulator products, along with their dedicated controllers, supports both substation and pole-mounted applications as illustrated below.

step voltage regulator application in substation and distribution line

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