Rockwill Outdoor and indoor SF6 circuit breaker

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Outdoor and Indoor SF6 circuit breaker

The SF6  circuit breaker is a type of circuit breaker in which filled with sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6 gas), SF6 gas is a excellent insulating property with high electronegativity, SF6 is a high affinity for absorbing free electrons. It absorbes electrons to form a negative ions. So it is excellent medium for arc quinching, SF6 circuit breaker's most advantage is espcially for breaking capacititive current.

Outdoor circuit breaker can be classified as an outdoor sf6 circuit breaker and indoor SF6 circuit breaker.

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Indoor circuit breaker can be classified as an indoor vacuum circuit breaker drawable and fixed type. Air circuit breaker, oil type circuit breaker, indoor sf6 gas circuit breaker with drawable and fixed type.

Rockwill Brand - Outdoor dead tank SF6 circuit Breaker

Dead Tank SF6 circuit Breaker -  the switching unit is located within a metallic container which is kept a earth potential.  As the incoming/outgoing conductors are taken through insulated bushings, it is possible to place current transformers on these (with a Live Tank arrangement this is not possible and separate CTs are required). 

Live Tank SF6 circuit Breaker -  the circuit breaker the switching unit is located in an insulator bushing which is live at line voltage (or some voltage above ground). Live Tank circuit breakers are cheaper than dead tank and require less space.

Rockwill Brand - Outdoor live tank SF6 circuit Breaker


Indoor Sf6 gas circuit breaker

Indoor SF6 Gas circuit breaker

Drawable type sf6 circuit Breaker -  Drawout type GCB is switchgear key switching unit, it can be exchange with ABB HD4, VD4 for switchgear UniGear ZS series and UniGear MCC , HVX, FP into chneider Switchgear Set series PIX, DNF7, and MVnet switchgear, Rockwill VD4,HM4, etc. 

Fixed type sf6 circuit Breaker -  This GCB is key switching unit of switchgear, its mounted inside like switchgear SM6, Uniswitch,etc. Its classified as lateral mount and frontable mount type.


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