Differences Between Switchgear and Switchboard

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The differences between switchgear and switchboard are as follows:

  1. Different functions. Switchgear is a complete set of switching equipment and control equipment, as a power center and the main distribution device, is mainly the switch on and off. And the switchboard is used to distribute electric energy, and protects the circuit from overload, short circuit and leakage.
  2. Different dimensions. Switchgear has larger volume, general height in 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm. And the switchboard volume is small, can be hidden in the wall or stand on the ground.
  3. Different Installation sites. Switchgear is often arranged in substations, distribution rooms and so on. Switchboard can be installed in a variety of places, such as schools, agencies, hospitals, factories, workshops, families and so on.
  4. Different line material. The main circuit of switchgear is often given priority to copper bar, and the switchboard has many wires.
  5. Different components. Switchgear uses different MV circuit breakers or LV circuit breakers based on switchgear types; switchboard normally use different types of LV circuit breakers.


Key points of purchase switchgear:

  1. Choose a well-known brand. Because switch cabinet is a complete set of combined products, once encountered technical problems, equipment maintenance and replacement are more troublesome. Therefore, in the case of abundant budget, we should try to choose well-known brands, which have higher efficiency in solving problems.
  2. Before purchase, you need to ask the manufacturer for the inspection qualification of the switchgear. Secondly, you need to see whether the components of the switchgear are configured according to the requirements of the drawings.
  3. Considering the material of the cabinet, generally speaking, the parts and supports are made of imported aluminum zinc plate, and the door plate is made of 300 series high quality steel plate.
  4. Incoming and outgoing ways. Switchgear generally has two kinds of connection: one is the inlet and outlet cable is connected in the cable room. The other is to lead the inlet and outlet lines through the wall bushing on the top of the cabinet, and connect with the bus bridge. The bus bridge is then connected with the overhead line through the wall bushing. If it is the second way, you need to go to the site to supervise the installation.


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