FAQs Guide for Compact Substation

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Compact Substation FAQs Guide

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What is compact substation?

Compact substation is one kind of compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, energy metering devices and reactive power compensation devices into boxes according to a certain wiring scheme. It is also called as prefabricated substation, box type substation, miniature substation, package substation and so on.  Compact substations are normally suitable for residential quarters, public utilities and construction power supplies.


What are the main structures of compact substation?

The compact substation is not just a transformer, it is equivalent to a small substation, directly to provide power to the user. It mainly includes high voltage compart, transformer compart, low voltage compart. High voltage compart is the power supply side, generally 35 kV or 10 kV into the line, including high voltage busbar, high voltage circuit breaker or fuse, voltage transformer, lightning arrester, etc. Transformer in the transformer compart is the main equipment of compact substation. The low voltage compart has low-voltage busbar, low-voltage circuit breaker, metering device, lightning arrester, etc. The electricity power passes through the power supply side of the high voltage compart, changes voltage through the transformer, and finally leads out from the low voltage busbar to supply power to the user.


What are the main features of compact substation?

With the great advantages of compact size, flexible combination and reliable technology, compact substation is widely used in the three-phase power distribution system with the voltage rating from 11kV to 33kV for electricity power distributing. The protection degree reached IP55 so that it could be installed outdoor by occupying the small area.

The power capacity for the prefabricated compact substation is normally designed below 2500kva. It depends on the capacity of the distribution transformer.

Compact substation has compact construction, which is easy to access to its components with simple interface. Due to its small size, it requires little footprint. It decreases installation space, costs and time. Compact substations can ensure maximum safety of operator by little site work. It has maximum mobility for transportation and relocation. It can resist harsh environment conditions to replace fast reliable power supply. In order to give you a better understanding, some advantages of compact substation are listed below:

1. The internal structure of the compact substation is more reasonable, so the space occupied is small. Compared with the traditional transformer, compact substation by scientific and reasonable means of high voltage distribution equipment installed in a sealed steel box, its internal structure is very compact, the gap between each component is quite small, so the space occupied by compact substation is relatively small.

2. Compact substation operation method is very simple, convenient, convenient for rapid assembly. Specialized designers through the understanding of power engineering construction requirements, according to different requirements to make simple and convenient operation of separate main wiring and supporting equipment outside the box, convenient for rapid assembly.

3. The application of compact substation is high. From the point of view of creation cost, we can clearly see that the creation cost of compact substation is often between 300,000 and 500,000. From the point of view of operation cost, it can be seen that even under the full load operation state, the compact substation consumes about 1 million kilowatts less than the ordinary transformer every year, and the maintenance cost is less even if there is a problem. Therefore, compact substation has higher application income.

4. Compact substation combination is flexible. Because the compact substation has the characteristics of compact structure, simple, so each part is an independent system. In this way, the compact substation has quite strong flexibility in combination mode.

5. Compact substation has high safety and stability. Because the compact substation shell is made of metal with strong anticorrosion ability, all the interfaces between the internal equipment are also used as insulation materials, and it is also equipped with air conditioning and moisture removal equipment, so it greatly improves the resistance of the compact substation to the external environment, and improves the safety and reliability of its operation.


What economic effects does compact substation have?

The construction period of compact substation includes factory processing of main equipment, on-site modular assembly, inspection and test. The underground civil construction is not much different from the original site. The on-site construction of compact substation contains building houses, firewalls, fences, cable trenches and so on. Under normal circumstances, normal substation would take 12 months, while the prefabricated compact substation only takes 6 months. 

Comparing with conventional substations, compact substation occupies a smaller area for saving land resources and land acquisition investment, but increasing your rate of return on investment.

The compact substation is manufactured and assembled in the factory in advance, which increases the workload of modular equipment transportation, site hoisting and assembly. It reduces the workload of on-site assembly and commissioning, saving installation, operation and maintenance time. Besides, with the improvement of compact substations, the workload and costs of operation and maintenance are also greatly decreased.


How to maintenance the compact substation?

Inspection inspection of the compact substation according to the inspection period, the inspection of the compact substation should be conducted regularly (at least once a month), test the temperature of the cable terminal connection, check the operation of the equipment, and test the face if necessary.

General inspection items are as below:

1. The foundation is trapped, the hole is blocked, the cabinet has no moisture.

2. Grounding device is complete, good connection. Check whether the grounding resistance meets requirements.

3. There is no change in the outdoor environment. Whether impact traffic and pedestrian safety.

4. Check the load of each feeder. Three-phase load balance or overload phenomenon, switch open and close position, instrument indication is correct, control device is working normally.

5. The inside of the transformer is dedusted every other year. The surface of the cabinet body of the high pressure chamber and low pressure chamber and the surface of the air box can be wiped with wet cloth. The transformer inside is dedusted with air or vacuum cleaner.

6. Daily maintenance and overhaul of the fan check the operation of the fan. If the fan is not running, use the temperature and humidity controller to adjust the temperature below the existing temperature and start the fan to check.

7. Maintenance and overhaul of high voltage switch and low voltage switch electric operating mechanism.

8. Auxiliary routine test of temperature and humidity controller routine test; Routine test of smoke alarm device; Fastening and inspection of terminal block: fastening and inspection of standard parts.

9. Terminal block maintenance, due to thermal expansion and contraction, the terminal block may loose, annual inspection should be all terminals in the terminal room retighten. Note: Before refastening, please confirm that the primary AC loop and secondary control loop are powered off to avoid electric shock!



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